The Studio and the Project

The Studio and The Project

My previous post I asked, what the heck happened to 2019? In 2018 I had a goal. I wanted to buy a house so I started the process and in Houston, in the summer, the market was pretty aggressive and it was discouraging and I put a hold on it.

In the new year, I came across a listed house in an area that I wanted and it sparked me to go look at it. This is where I realized in the power of photography in real estate because the house wasn’t in the greatest of shape but the pictures sure made it look like it was! Needless to say I didn’t move forward with it but I did make a new friend in the selling realtor and she committed to helping me find what I was looking for and two weeks later I got an early birthday present of an accepted offer.

Drawing Studio

One of the bedrooms upstairs is my drawing studio complete with a vintage drafting table with a resurfaced table top which I did my self – needs some touch ups – LOL. I also have my geekdom on display.

The Project

This is the future. A project of getting this shed into a functioning pottery studio. I have an idea of what I want to change. The majority of the panels are water damaged so I have to take it down to the studs and go from there.

Pottery Studio

This is the present. I am currently setup in my garage for a pottery studio. Right now its functional but could be a whole lot better to spark that creativity. I am still learning as much as I can so if you have any advice/suggestions, please drop me a line on my Fireforge Mudworks Instagram page.

It has been a year for the ages for me with a lot of changes and challenges and I can see the opportunities ahead of me.

Thank you and keep practicing!